Friday, March 19, 2010


                          - Donna DiPietro

This particular case involves the first house that I was asked to go to for use of my psychic abilities to help solve a paranormal disturbance. August 7, 2001 was a very hot day with temperatures over 100 degrees. I was at work and a colleague, Alice, received a telephone call from a frightened young lady that had moved into a house, in a suburb of Boston, the previous autumn. The first question she asked Alice was “Is my house haunted?” Alice is a refined, attractive, no nonsense type with a logical mind, and she was not prepared for such an unusual question. Not every real estate office has a resident psychic and, though unusual, my abilities have been called upon and used to great extent many times over the years. The caller, Sandra, lived in the house with her husband and their infant daughter. Alice put down the receiver and walked over to my office and asked if I would talk to Sandra. At that moment, I saw the vision of a man of ethnic appearance that was no more than five feet, six inches tall. Alice picked up the receiver and told Sandra of my vision and Sandra said that she was seeing a vision of a man. Sandra asked if I would go to her house and I told her I could go there that afternoon, and I asked Alice to go with me.

Alice and I arrived at the house and were greeted by Sandra and her baby waiting outside. I walked around the exterior of the house to sense anything unusual. It was a lovely older Colonial in a nice area with a church across the street. A priest from the church had recently been called to the house for his assistance, and he blessed the house, but the paranormal activity continued.  Sandra invited us inside and we went into the living room and I sat on the love seat and Alice and Sandra sat on the couch. Sandra was apprehensive about her experiences because she thought she had no one to turn to. I asked Sandra to sit next to me and I held her hand and asked her exactly what she had been seeing and how many times she saw this figure. She said it was a mist that took on the shape of a man, and she had seen it about ten times, but that the last time it looked frightening. I asked her why it looked frightening and she said it looked distorted. I told her that it looked that way because it hadn’t finished materializing into a human form. I also told her that she was psychically gifted and that the spirit she was seeing was someone that wanted to communicate with her and not to be afraid. This gave her comfort and assurance that what she was experiencing was not to be feared.

I asked Sandra if I could walk through each room for a sense of paranormal activity and she was most obliged. She picked up the baby and she and Alice followed me from room to room on the first and second floors. As I walked through each room, I told Sandra where I felt the man’s presence. I said he was often in the kitchen, and spends time in the baby’s room and in the computer room. Sandra said that those were the three rooms she saw him in. He was mostly seen in the kitchen, and a few times she saw him in the baby’s room. She also saw his misty form in the computer room where her husband had his office. Her husband would sometimes feel the presence of someone standing behind him as he sat working at the computer, but when he turned around there was never anyone there.

We went back to the living room and I sat on the love-seat by myself, Alice sat on the couch, while Sandra sat on the floor with the baby. Immediately, I felt the presence of the man, his energy and his emotions. I said he died at the age of fifty-seven of a heart attack in his kitchen five years before. I said he smoked and owned a small brown boat. I saw him dressed in new clothes – black pants and a glowing white dress shirt – and he was carrying a stack of men’s folded new glowing white shirts and was walking towards a shelf as though to place the shirts there. He was crying and said he loved his son and Sandra and the baby and he wanted to be near them. With a great sense of relief, Sandra realized who I was talking about. It was her father-in-law. He died of a heart attack in his kitchen in his home in South America at the age of fifty-seven, five years before. He was no more than five feet, six inches tall, he smoked, owned a small brown boat and owned a men’s clothing store. Sandra got up from the floor and walked over to a table that was against a wall. She opened a drawer, took out a photo album and showed Alice and me her father-in-law’s picture – he was standing next to his small brown boat. I told Sandra that he was now happy to finally communicate with her. I asked her if she wanted him to leave and she said that he could stay. I told her that I had to speak with him in private and I got up from the couch and walked into the hall and stood next to the stairs that went to the second floor. I said that Sandra wanted him to stay and that she and his son and grandchild loved him. I told him what year it was and that he was no longer living and should pass through the light where many of his loved ones were. I felt his strong emotions of love for his family and sadness in his acceptance that he was no longer living and he was crying through me and he went over to where he should be. I knew he was gone when these strong emotions suddenly stopped and there was silence and a great sense of calm.

I walked into the nearby room where Sandra, the baby, and Alice were waiting. They had heard what I said to Sandra’s father-in-law while I stood in the hall next to the stairs. A great burden was lifted from Sandra’s shoulders and she was overjoyed that I was able to solve a most unusual case of paranormal activity. I was at my office the next day and received a call from Sandra. She thanked me and said she was in such a state when we said good-bye the previous day that she forgot to ask me how much I charge for my services. I told her that I don’t charge anything and that I was happy that I was able to help her. She insisted that she pay me and I insisted that I would not accept payment. Sandra showed up at my office a short time later to thank me in person and gave me a gift of imported candies in a lovely decorative tin. I still have the tin as a keepsake. She said she would never forget what I did and how much she appreciated my help. I was happy to help a young family in need, and in doing so, I was able to make direct contact with the spirit of a kind man that died before he was able to enjoy his extended family that he watched over and loved.


  1. Once again you have been able to handle the
    paranormal issue. Your storytelling makes the
    reader feel like their right there in the room with you. I enjoyed it!

  2. Dear Donna,
    This story is very unique and I thank you for sharing it with the public. It gives us something to think about besides bills, taxes, wars and natural disasters. I enjoy your stories very much and look forward to your next one.

  3. Dear Donna
    Your writing is warm and wonderful and brings the readers into the stories, making them feel they are living it. You have a great talent that I'm so happy you are finally sharing with the world.
    A fan

  4. Thanks for another great and very entertaining story.