Wednesday, March 3, 2010


           - Donna DiPietro

I worked in the same office building in Wellesley, Massachusetts for fifteen years, from 1979 to 1994, and knew most of the wonderful people from the various offices. One of the businesses was a small tailor shop that was owned by two dear ladies, 'E' and 'D'.  They each had a table and sewing machine and 'E' had an adorable apricot Toy Poodle, named Gonzo, who happily spent most of his time in a doggy bed under her table while her sewing machine hummed. 'E' and 'D' were always a joy and I looked forward to visiting them each day. One day 'D' asked me if her son and his wife would have more children. They already had a little boy, and I told her that they would have twin girls with ‘A’ names within two years and told her the week they would be born. She decided not to say anything about my predictions to her son or his wife. The next year 'D' found out her daughter-in-law was expecting a baby, months later she learned that she was carrying twins and her granddaughters, named Amy and Amanda, were born the exact week that I predicted. About three years later, I was at a July 4th parade with my husband Al in our home town of Natick, and saw a young man walking towards us with beautiful twin girls. I complimented him on his pretty girls and asked him their names. He said they were Amy and Amanda. I told him I knew a lady who lives in Wellesley who has twin granddaughters named Amy and Amanda. He said I was talking about his mother 'D'.

On another visit to Nimble Thimble, I told 'D' that a man she knows in Italy will break his leg while cutting down a tree. That evening, she received a phone call that a relative who lives in Italy broke his leg that day while cutting down a tree.

Predictions of true events were a daily happening on my visits to the Nimble Thimble. More importantly, 'E' and 'D' turned a routine work day into something special each time I entered their shop. The little bell on their door, the Toy Poodle Gonzo greeting me, and the warm smiles will remain with me forever.


  1. I love this story. I feel like I was there.

  2. Your stories are wonderful!
    A fan

  3. Your writing is a breath of fresh air. It brings back what's been missing and focuses on the good.

  4. what a beautiful prediction to happen.
    You truly have a wonderful gift. We can
    now read them on your blog, thank you,
    from a believer.

  5. Dear Donna,
    Thank for sharing this beautiful story. It brings me back to a better time, a better place and makes me feel that I'm a part of your story.

  6. Thank you Donna for sharing
    Awesome story
    Tony N.

  7. Hi Donna. I just tried to post to you but think I lost the post in error. I met you in the 90's at your niece's wedding. You shared so many things with me at that time that came to be with incredulous accuracy. I just reached out to your niece last night trying to find you because I've thought about you so often over the years and she got me here! I would love to chat with you and share all of the events with you...could we somehow do that? I can't wait to read all of your blog are utterly amazing. Thank you Donna.

  8. Hi Donna, We share the same name, although mine is through marriage. Could that mean something? Fascinating story!

  9. Dear Donna (with the same name),
    Thank you for your very nice comment - I very much appreciate it. My name is also my married name. My maiden name is Donna Catherine Grover. I think our married name (Donna DiPietro) blends well and sounds musical. You can always e-mail me at I'd love to hear about you, where you're from and what you do. I can tell, just from the comment that you left me, that you are a wonderful caring person.
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter!