Sunday, March 14, 2010


                              -Donna DiPietro

On the same day, and at the same moment that *Loretta called excitedly telling me that she found her gold bracelet using the clues I gave her, I had to answer another incoming call. It was the mid 1990s and I was working at a real estate office in Wellesley, Massachusetts. I was sitting at the front desk answering the phone while the receptionist was at lunch. The call on the second line was 'D', a real estate agent in our office. She said she had searched her house for two days but could not find her large gold heart-shaped pendant necklace that hung from a heavy gold chain. It was a special piece of jewelry that she enjoyed wearing in the winter months and she thought she had stored it away in a safe place. As we spoke on the phone, I went to her house in spirit form and saw a mahogany chest on the first floor. I told her to open the drawer of the chest that held her white lace tablecloths. I had never been to her house and didn’t know what the interior or exterior of her house looked like, but suddenly I was standing in the entry room of her house and I could see the décor and furnishings. As we continued speaking on the phone, I saw her running down the stairs with the phone to her ear and saw her walking over to the mahogany chest. She said her white lace tablecloths were inside a mahogany chest downstairs and I told her to open the drawer that held the tablecloths and she did. She said she saw the white lace tablecloths and I told her to lift them up and she would find her gold heart-shaped pendant underneath. She did as I asked and found her pendant and she had no idea how it got there. Interestingly, many years later I read a newspaper article about people who steal valuable items from homes. They may work there as outside help and will take something of value and hide it in a drawer under something such as linens, many times in a room close to an outside door on the first floor. When no one is around, they will take the article and either walk off with it or hand it to an accomplice who happens to stop by when no one else is home. I could never imagine how D's valuable gold necklace ended up in her white lace tablecloth drawer, but after reading that newspaper article it made sense of what may have happened. 'D' and her family keep in touch and she still enjoys wearing her large gold heart-shaped pendant in the winter months.

*The events relating to finding Loretta’s gold bracelet, mentioned at the beginning of this story, are explained in a previous story in this blog ‘Loretta’s Gold Bracelet’.


  1. Dear Donna,
    I love this story and all the others I've read. I'm glad you're finally sharing them with the world.

  2. Your stories are amazing and everyone I know who reads them loves them.

  3. Dear Donna,
    Your stories intertwine the past, present and future and everything in between - very unique and very enjoyable.
    Thank you,
    A fan

  4. Thanks for making life interesting. I look forward to each story and re-read the others.

  5. Reading your stories gives the reader a
    warm feeling that things will turn out
    the way they should, as always you are
    an enjoyable writer... thanks