Thursday, October 7, 2010


                                         - Donna DiPietro

A number of years ago, when my niece Ardis was a student at Syracuse University, she would occasionally call her Uncle Al and me to talk and ask me to use my psychic abilities. There was an old book in the main room of her dormitory building that had the names of hundreds of people. I would tell her to look at a particular page number and she would find a certain name on that page. It was a great form of entertainment and bewilderment. I could understand if she was already looking at a particular name on a certain page, and then I would suggest that I was using telepathy by reading her mind. But that was not the case. The book was closed when I told her what pages to look at to find particular names. I felt I was there in the dorm, looking at the book myself and seeing the names on certain pages. I don’t understand why I was able to do this since I was almost 300 miles away and have never been to Syracuse University and have no knowledge of the dorm or the book.

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