Tuesday, November 30, 2010


              - Donna DiPietro

When my son Justin was in high school, he invited two of his friends over to our house for lunch. Jason was in Justin’s class and his brother Russell is two years older. We were sitting around the dining room table when Justin asked me what I saw in his friends’ futures. I told Jason to be careful around boats, and that I saw other boys in a small brown boat that was going to sink. I told him that he would soon be invited to go into the boat but he should not. He said that he was going to a camp the following week-end and would be careful. When Jason got home from camp, he told us that my prediction came true. There was a brown row boat that he was invited to go into with some other boys and he declined. When the boat was out in fairly deep water, it sunk and everyone fell into the water. Fortunately, they all were able to make it safely to shore. I then told the boys that I saw another boat, this one was a lifeboat that came from a sinking ship. There were people in the lifeboat and they were starving. I also saw blood inside the lifeboat. Russell and Jason were surprised that I saw these things, because it described perfectly a book that their mother was reading at the time. They called their mother and I spoke to her on the phone. She told me about the book and the survivors of a sinking ship who had caught a turtle to eat and the blood of the turtle was inside the lifeboat. I also described to their mother objects that I saw in her house – a cat statue on the floor under a small table and a picture of yellow flowers hanging on the wall in the same room. Many months later, I went to her house for the first time and she showed me what I had seen by speaking to her on the phone. Russell and Jason asked me what occupations they would have when they grew up. I told Russell that he would become an attorney and I told Jason that he would become a doctor. They both said that it was the opposite, and that Russell planned on being the doctor and Jason the attorney. The years went by and my predictions came to pass – Russell did become the attorney and Jason the doctor.

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  1. Dear Donna,
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story. It proves there is more to life than what we think we know. Your writing is very enjoyable and eye-opening.