Tuesday, April 20, 2010


                                                 - Donna DiPietro

In October 1994, I began working at a real estate office in Wellesley, Massachusetts. It was a pleasant office and everyone was kind in welcoming the new employee. As the weeks went by, the employees and real estate agents realized that I was a psychic. Ms. B, the office manager, noticed that the other associates took up some of my time when they asked me questions or needed assistance of a unique nature. She politely told me that if anyone in the office should ask me questions regarding the paranormal, I was to tell them that I could only talk about it on my lunch hour and that I had work to do. 

About two weeks later, Ms. B came to work and asked me to step into her office. She said “Donna, remember a few weeks ago when I asked you not to talk about the paranormal on company time, well forget about what I said, I need your help.” She had tears in her eyes as she asked me to help her find two valuable rings that her mother had given her. She had spent the last two days frantically searching for the diamond and sapphire rings and she was emotionally exhausted about the prospect of never finding them.

 I stood in her office and visualized her bedroom, the jewelry boxes and items on top of her bureau, and described opening a jewelry box drawer and correctly telling her the color of the lining and what was inside the drawer. I told her to look in back of a certain bureau drawer and that her rings were near a cloth that had a red Oriental rug design. I also saw a jewelry pouch with pearls. She said that she was emotionally tired and she thought she would look the next day. On her way home, she thought about what I said regarding the red Oriental rug design cloth, and she remembered that a friend had given her a scarf with that design a year or two before. She arrived home and looked in the back of the bureau drawer and found the scarf with the red Oriental design. She unfolded the scarf, and wrapped inside was a box, and inside the box were the two rings.

 A few hours later, Ms. B came back to the office, stood outside and knocked on the large front window as she held up her hand wearing the two rings. She said the pouch that I saw with the pearls were in her safety deposit box at the bank where she had been before she asked me to help find the rings. She was so happy to find the rings that she must have worn out her fingers punching in the phone numbers of her many friends that evening when she returned home. After that experience, it was okay for me to use my psychic gift in the office any time at all.


  1. Hi Donna,
    I remember when you found the 2 rings. I was there when 'Ms. A' tapped on the front window to get our attention and she held up her hand with the rings. I'm glad I witnessed it. We were amazed. You have helped so many people over the years and I'm happy that you are finally making these events public. They are all so interesting and enjoyable. I wish you all the best because you deserve it.

  2. Dear Donna,
    Your stories are uplifting and make people feel good. You find the solution to a dilemna that otherwise would not be solved.
    A Reader

  3. Hi Donna,
    Thank you for another wonderful memory put in print for others to enjoy. Your experiences are very unusual and fascinating. I look forward to reading each and every one.

  4. Dear Donna,
    You have a lovely way of writing about how
    you were able to help Mrs. A. By leading her
    to the missing rings, it was clear you brought
    her relief.

  5. Yet again you have out done yourself!!
    your friend