Saturday, December 1, 2012


        - Donna DiPietro

A few years ago, my son Justin called to relay a message from a real estate agent, whom I didn’t know. She had heard that I was psychic and hoped that I could help find her purse.  She had parked her car and inadvertently left her purse inside, while she showed property that day. As Justin and I spoke on the phone, he had the woman on another line. I described, in detail, an area of Boston that I was not familiar with. I saw a small business area off a main street and described some of the businesses. As I was there in spirit, I went around the back of the businesses and saw a dumpster, and on the ground, next to the dumpster was the missing purse. I saw her wallet inside the purse and that the money and credit cards had been removed, but the IDs were still inside. The woman was not sure of the area but would follow my directions of how to get there using the signs and landmarks that I saw in my mind. The woman drove about seven miles and came upon the business area that I described and drove around the back. The dumpster was there, as I saw it, and she noticed what looked like a purse lying on the ground next to the dumpster. She got out of her car, walked over to the dumpster and picked up her purse. Inside was her wallet with her IDs but her money and credit cards were gone. I have no idea how I was able to pinpoint exactly where her purse would be found.


  1. Your use of your compassionate connection to a deeper level of awareness to help others is inspiring. You express yourself beautifully, and your blog is both intriguing and a pleasure to read. My sister Noreen and I are part of the healing/psychic energy study group your daughter and JJ founded in March. This experience is enriching in so many ways, and my heartfelt thanks go out to you for sharing your gift.
    Ann Marie

    1. Dear Ann Marie,
      Thank you for your very kind message. It means so much to me to know that you enjoy reading about my psychic experiences.