Saturday, July 7, 2012


THE BALL       
      - Donna DiPietro

Those of you who know me, realize that I am a rational person and as dumbfounded as anyone by the paranormal events that I have experienced. I told my daughter Alicia that I was hesitant to make ‘The Ball’ case public because of it being so unusual. She said it is important that I add it to my psychic case book because it is part of who I am and something that I experienced.

As a child, I wished I had my own dog to play with and love. I was the youngest of six children and we lived in an apartment, and owning a dog was not in the picture. I wanted a dog so much that I pretended that my dodge ball was a dog and I would call it to come to me, and a few times it did. On one occasion, I was alone, standing in the back yard at the bottom of the stairs and the ball was on the first floor porch, in a corner where I had put it the day before. I stood there, looked at the ball and concentrated on it to come to me, as a dog would when called. After a few minutes, the ball started to move and slowly travelled across the porch to the top of the stairs and bounced down each step, one at a time, until it stopped at my feet. I was surprised and tried to figure out how this could possibly have happened. There were other occasions when the ball seemed to move for me on command. One time, a friend was over and we were playing catch with the ball when it got caught in a large bush that was against the house and near to where the ball bounced down the steps. My friend went to the bush to get the ball but couldn’t reach it because it was lodged in the branches too far back. I went to the bush and tried to reach the ball also but couldn’t get at it. As we stood there trying to figure out how we could get it, the ball started to slowly move and dislodged itself from the branches and came towards me until I held it in my hands. My friend looked at me and asked how I did that, and I said I didn’t know. I was, at this point, a little frightened and thought I had better not try moving the ball again. These events happened when I was about 8 years old and living with my family on Porter Street in Somerville, Massachusetts.

I have tried to come up with an explanation of how the ball could move without someone or something touching it, without an air current, without being on a slanted surface, and all other possibilities I can think of, and there seems to be no reasonable answer. I could not imagine that I would actually be able to make the ball move by using my mind because I didn’t know anything about telekinesis until many years later (Telekinesismoving objects with your mind). I still am not absolutely sure if telekinesis was the cause of the ball moving but every other suggestion has so far been ruled out. It is a bit unsettling, because if I were able to move the ball, and able to move an object again by my thoughts – how do I know I would have control in stopping the object from moving. Perhaps, sometime in the future, scientists will find a logical explanation of such events that will be accepted by the general public.

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