Sunday, April 10, 2011


         - Donna DiPietro

I have a dear friend that I would like to tell you about. I can not use her real name, so will call her Rachel in this case. Rachel and her husband, Len, have a wonderful son and daughter-in-law who live two thousand miles away. Rachel’s parents were in concentration camps during World War II and the older brother she never met, died of starvation at the age of two during that time. Len’s mother also was in a concentration camp during the war. Rachel and Len appreciate life and family and longed for a grandchild to love. About two years ago, Rachel asked me if her son and his wife would ever have a child. I told her that they would have a beautiful baby girl with dark curly hair and that she would be very intelligent and make them proud. I told her she would play the piano when she grows up and would bring the family much joy. I told her that the baby would arrive in September of 2010. What I did not know is that Rachel’s son and his wife were told by specialists that they could never have a child and that they had spent many years going to doctors and clinics for help in making their dream come true. Rachel believed my prediction and told her son and his wife that they would have the baby daughter that I predicted and that she would arrive in September. Rachel called me the second week in August and asked me again if the baby would arrive in September. She then told me that the young couple could not have a child and had recently signed up with an adoption agency but were told it could be ten years before their dream materialized. Rachel called me the first week of September and excitedly told me that her son and his wife had been called that day regarding the adoption of a baby girl. The baby had been born to a well educated single young lady who had heard about the couple’s dream of having a child. The young lady could not 
keep the baby and wanted to give it a loving home. The couple went to the hospital and saw the beautiful dark haired baby girl that I predicted would be theirs, brought it home the next day and adopted it shortly after. They plan to buy a piano as soon as their daughter is old enough to start lessons. It turns out that her birth mother is an accomplished musician.


  1. Dear Donna,
    Thank you for sharing such a truly amazing miracle. I love reading your blog and hope to meet you.
    A devoted follower,

  2. Dear Donna,
    When I am down, you lift me up with your wonderful true events.
    Thank you,

  3. Hi Donna,
    I enjoyed this article very much. I look forward to each one.

  4. What a beautifully written story, I enjoyed
    this very much. Jean

  5. Hi Donna,
    My friends and I love your blog. Your stories are so interesting and enjoyable. Hope to meet you some day.
    Becky & friends