Saturday, September 25, 2010


           - Donna DiPietro

This case is dedicated to a dear friend Patricia Schauberger. Pat is a real estate broker who owns Beaver Brook Residential Brokerage in Littleton, Massachusetts with another nice lady, Margie Mitchell.

Recently, my friend Patricia Schauberger invited a group of ladies to a jewelry party at her house in Littleton, Massachusetts. As I walked into the kitchen, Pat introduced me to Jill and told her that I was a psychic. Jill, who fashions beautiful jewelry using high quality crystal beads and silver, was sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by small gift boxes filled with  bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other creations.  She asked me to use my psychic abilities to find her friend’s car keys. I immediately saw a two car garage with two cars inside. I told Jill that the brown car on the left was the one that her friend drove. I walked into the garage and on the left side, against the wall, I saw something that looked like small shelves. I said the keys were sometimes put on a shelf and they had fallen. Under the shelves, I saw a large mound of dark greasy looking dirt on the floor and I told her that if her friend looks on the floor to be careful because his hands will get very dirty sifting through the dirt. I told her that there was a container with a red label nearby. 

The next day, Jill called me and said she gave her friend the information I came up with. The keys had been missing for a few weeks and another set had been ordered, so it wasn’t an emergency that he find the missing ones. He confirmed that he does have a two car garage, has a brown car and parks it on the left side inside the garage. On the left wall, at the back, is a ladder and he often put his car keys on one of the rungs. Under the ladder, on the floor, was a large pile of dark shiny dirt that had fallen out of a broken bag of potting soil. Jill’s friend said that when his keys went missing, he sifted through the dirt but his hands got so dirty that he decided to stop looking in the soil. He hasn't found the keys elsewhere, so there is a very good chance they could be right there under the ladder, next to the container with the red label.


  1. Hi Donna,
    I enjoy your true unusual stories and appreciate you sharing them.

  2. Very enjoyable they have a calming effect on me,

  3. I agree with Jean - your stories do have a calming effect. I really enjoy them.